Welcome to the Alpha/Beta program!

You are here because you wish to contribute to the upcoming release version of WanWan by participating in the early testing program. Testing is done in two distinct phases Alpha and Beta and each of these phases will have progress steps and regular updates.

Obtaining your test app

For Android devices, open the browser on your Android device, and visit this link: Become a Tester
Once you have successfully joined the testing group, you should be able to install the app from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wanwandog.wanwan

For Apple iOS devices we will be using the "TestFlight" app for test phase distribution.
The Apple iOS version of the app is still missing some key elements and has thus not yet been approved for App Store distribution.
If you have an iOS device and would like to help test in the meantime, please contact Steve Ohmert for other options.

Subscriptions during Testing

You will be asked to choose a subscription plan even as a tester. However, no subscription charges will actually be applied. We have not yet completed our relationship with our subscription management partner company. It is also our intention to extend a free year of Standard subscription to any participating Test users, beginning at the release date (planned Sept 1). However, until we have established the actual terms with our subscription management provider, this cannot be expressly guaranteed at this time.

What to expect

As WanWan is still pre-release, there are some parts that remain incomplete at this time. Some notable temporary shortcomings of the pre-release versions are:

- Email issues during sign-up -- Very early joiners to the Test phases may encounter an "Email problem" error after initial sign up. Then, they may find an email from Amazon Web Services in their inbox. If this happens, click on the link in the Amazon email to verify your email. You will then later receive the intended email from WanWan to secure your subscription.

- Dog Image Recognizer not available for iOS - This is bummer, but technical issues have kept this from being able to be integrated into the app yet. It should be ready sometime later in the Beta phase.

- Background tracking -- Unfortunately, you must keep the app open and active while using it or it will go to sleep and you will lose tracking of your current position (at least for iOS). Background operation actually does work but only for about 30 seconds before the app ultimately shuts down if not reactivated in the meantime. An update to address this is expected early in the pre-release cycle.

- Encyclopedia Entries -- The Dog Encyclopedia lists 266 dog breeds. For each of these, rights-free images and descriptive text must be obtained. This is a work in progress that will continue to improve with updates through the release cycle.

- Tutorials -- Like the Encyclopedia, this is a work in progress. More will be added. But please provide feedback on areas of the tutorial you interact with, if any.

Likely Problem areas

Apart from the items above, there are no areas of the application that are expected to be problematic, because all parts of the app have been verified in development at least before release. But testing in the real world is a different beast -- hence this Testing Program -- and things can go wrong on devices in the real world that are not seen on the development bench.

Things that tend to go wrong you might be on the lookout for are:

Submitting a bug report

Bug reports are submitted by email. Please use this Bug Reporting Template by copying and pasting the text into an email addressed to bugs@wanwandog.com.

Give a title describing your bug as the subject of the email message, and complete the form to report your bug.

Please use a separate email for each reported bug.

Finding your app/device identifier:

When submitting a bug report, you will be asked for your device identifier.

This is a number that uniquely defines the installation of WanWan on your device, and is helpful to QA investigation into your bug report.

You can find this by going to 'help/settings' (rightmost icon on bottom toolbar) and selecting "Credits". After the initial title, there is a 'build info' section. at the bottom of this is listed your device ID.

Note that you can stop the automatic scroll of the credits by touching the credits display and then scrolling manually to reveal the desired portion.