WanWan Privacy Policy

WanWan, wanwandog.com, and Tremho Berserker Development are committed to the protection of personal and potentially personal identifying information exchanged in the use of our applications.

We do not collect personal information in our application, and it is our policy to never share any personal information or information that might lead to personal identification with any outside parties.

Subscription information is handled by an independent partner organization, ____. Please refer to their privacy policy statement at this link for information on how subscription and payment information is handled by their policies.

Information collected by WanWan and how it is used

To sign up for WanWan, we collect your email address and a username of your choice. Your username may be publicly displayed in content that you publish. Your email address is never shared. The password you provide is compared to a stored cryptographic hash and never saved in plain text on our servers.

All client-to-server communication is transacted over TLS secure transport mechanisms.

As a user, you may choose to announce your location so that other users within a radius of your choice may find you. When you do this, your location is temporarily known to the WanWan services and announced to others within the selected radius. Indicators in the application plainly show when you are sharing your location.

As a user, you may choose to publish the stories of your adventures. These story depictions may include rendered maps and other location-revealing information of where you have been during this time. You have control over the content of a published story and may choose to remove maps when editing, or you may choose to not publish at all.

We hope you enjoy the use of WanWan and use the application and services responsibly and respectful of other users who share their adventures socially through the service.