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About WanWan subscription plans

90-day free trial, then $14.99 / year
Enjoy the full features of the WanWan mobile app and all of the WanWan services, including:

All of this for less than a nickle a day!

No charge
Use most the features of the app, but enjoy only limited community features:
  • Track different adventure activities and actions on map as you travel.
  • Manage your adventure party of multiple dogs or people.
  • Take pictures and notes to record key points in your adventures
  • Customize the types of actions recorded
  • Review and edit adventure stories
  • Learn about dog breed characteristics
  • Find other Wagtales users nearby

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You have approx 72 hours from the time you established your account to choose a subscription plan. After that you will receive warnings that you must check your email and register. If you fail to register, your app will become non-functional. If you are unsure of a plan, select 'Standard'. The Standard plan comes with a 90-day trial period (see above).