Introducing WanWan

Start Your Adventure

WanWan helps turn every walk with your best friend into an adventure. Connect with others and share your stories. Track your dog's behavior, capture every memorable moment, and read the story of the time as they saw it. You can even identify your dog's breed with a quick snapshot and read up about common characteristics.

WanWan - The Social App for Dogs. Coming Soon.

Engage with your walk

Whether you're marking your dog's favorite sniff spots, photographing wildlife, or noting a good spot to play fetch, WanWan makes it easy to do with just one hand.

"What kind of dog is that?"

Answer this question in a snapshot! Just point and click, or upload a photo you already have. You'll get a best-match result within seconds. Don't just photograph your own pups - collect badges for identifying breeds everywhere you go! Read up on breed characteristics at any time to get to know more about your dog.

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